Swedish Massage in Hardwicke, Gloucester.

Swedish Massage - New Dawn Therapies, Gloucester
Most massage techniques are generally based on this system and can be varied easily according to the needs of the client.  Named after Per Henrik Ling, Swedish massage is a series of techniques used to stroke and relax (effleurage), knead or rub with force (petrissage) and to invigorate and stimulate using rapid hitting or clopping motions (percussion). These movements help to provide the muscles with different therapeutic effects depending on the manipulation techniques used.

Swedish Massage is effective for:

Swedish massage is good for improving your circulation, relaxing your muscles and soothing your mind by reducing emotional stress. It can also be used by athletes before and after training in order to aid recovery and to stay in good condition.

Swedish massage is generally known as the “Classic Massage” and is the most commonly used technique.

Treatments usually take place on a massage couch covered in towels to help create a warm and comfortable place to lie. The towels are also used to protect the client’s modesty throughout the treatment. The therapist uses massage waxes, oils or lotions to carry out the massage. The therapist will also use pressure and techniques to suit the client.

After a Swedish Massage

When the treatment is finished, the therapist will leave you to relax for a short time, and allow you time to get dressed. A glass of water will be provided for you following your treatment.

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