Indian Head Massage in Hardwicke, Gloucester

Indian Head Massage is an ancient treatment that has been practised in India for thousands of years and it is very relaxing.

Like with the other massage techniques, Indian Head Massage uses Swedish Massage techniques on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face. Following Ayurvedic medicine, this treatment is used for relaxation and healing, bringing the body into balance. It does this by tapping into the client’s energy paths or “chakras” and incorporates a combination of deep tissue massage and pressure points to affect the energy.

Indian Head Massage isn’t just a relaxing massage, it can help ease aches, pains and tension in your upper body, as well as being able to improve the texture of the client’s hair. Although be aware it is not good for hairdos and it is a good idea to bring a hairbrush with you!

Indian Head Massage is effective for:

It can also help ease headaches, including migraines, as well as ease eye strain, anxiety and encourage good sleep. This, in turn, can help with increased concentration at work and therefore help you have a better day all round.

What to Expect:

Indian Head massage is a treatment where you don’t have to take your clothes off and can be performed sitting in a chair at a desk in the work environment. At New Dawn Therapies, it is performed lying down ( the client not the therapist!) and oils are used to massage the upper body. Indian hair oil is used in the hair, as it has a less greasy feeling and nourishes the hair. It also smells nice and benefits the hair if left in after treatment.

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