What to Expect With Your Massage

On your first visit to New Dawn Therapies, you will be required to complete a short medical questionnaire and sign a disclaimer. Some of the questions may seem in depth but are a necessary requirement in order for the therapist to understand any existing issues and how best to manage them.

Swedish Massage in Gloucester - New Dawn TherapiesIf you have any difficulty lying down, please let the therapist know in order for equipment to be adjusted for your comfort.

During the consultation, the therapist will explain what the treatment involves and how the treatment will be tailored to suit the client’s individual needs. Not all types of massage require the client to remove clothing.

Subsequent consultations will be adjusted according to the needs of the client at the appointment.

Following consultation, the therapist will leave you to undress privately and to lie down on the couch when ready. There will be a series of towels and covers on the couch and the therapist will advise you prior to leaving the room what you need to cover yourself with.

At New Dawn Therapies there is a strict NO NAKEDNESS policy, you will be expected to keep underwear on to maintain your modesty and to avoid embarrassing the therapist.

Sometimes the therapist will play music during the massage. If you would prefer not to have music playing, feel free to say so, sometimes people prefer silence. Likewise if you prefer not to talk through your treatment, that is fine too. Just mention it to your therapist prior to treatment.

After the treatment you may feel relaxed and sleepy. Take your time getting ready and follow the after care advice Massage towels and oils - New Dawn Therapies, Gloucester.given by your therapist. You will be advised to drink water following your treatment to help your muscles rejuvenate and replenish themselves. It also helps to bring you back to earth if you are feeling a little floaty.

It is very important you MUST  let the therapist know if you are pregnant as this may affect whether or not they give the treatment.


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