Deep Tissue Massage in Hardwicke, Gloucester.

Deep Tissue Massage - New Dawn Therapies, Gloucester
Deep tissue massage uses the same techniques as Swedish massage but incorporates firmer, deeper strokes to affect the muscles on a deeper level.

The strokes tend to be slower and firmer, using deep finger pressure on specific areas, and works by either following or working across the muscle fibres and tendons.

If you have any difficulty lying down, please let the therapist know in order for equipment to be adjusted for your comfort.

Deep tissue massage is most effective for:

Deep tissue massage is particularly effective for people with muscular pain, however careful consideration is given to people with sciatica, generalised back pain from affected discs and fibromyalgia as people with these conditions are less likely to be able to cope with the intensity of deep tissue massage.

Deep tissue massage helps to refresh the muscles as well as increase blood flow and oxygen around the body. This in turn helps to rid toxins in the muscles which then helps the muscles to strengthen and heal. Deep tissue massage is often used following accidents, sports injuries and can help in the break down of scar tissue.

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Deep tissue massage is not the kind of massage that will leave you floating in the clouds! It is likely to leave you feeling somewhat achey afterwards, like your muscles have been taken to the gym for a workout and put back in your body afterwards! You would be able to return to work or normal every day activities afterwards without undoing the therapist’s hard work.

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